There are several different types of foam that can be used to fill a custom box. These include polyurethane, Convoluted foam, and Egg Crate foam. Each has its own pros and cons. If you are unsure, here's a look at how to choose the right type of foam for your custom boxes with logo.

Custom Boxes with Foam Inserts Convoluted foam

Custom boxes with convoluted foam inserts are an excellent way to protect your products in shipping. These inserts are designed to control product movement, absorb impact, and prevent breakage. Cactus Containers can provide your business with a variety of inserts to fit your unique needs. These custom box inserts can help you portray your brand with excellence and quality. You will need to purchase special tooling to make these custom inserts. 

Custom foam inserts are ideal for many applications, including gift ware, jewelry, premium items, and collectibles. These inserts also provide additional protection by protecting fragile or weak product pieces. In addition, custom foam inserts can add structure to a box and support its weight during shipment. Custom foam inserts also make custom boxes look more attractive and can enhance the presentation of your products.

Convoluted foam inserts are available in a wide variety of materials and colors. Depending on the material and quantity of foam, they will cost different amounts. For example, custom foam corner protectors are a good choice for small, fragile parts. These are placed inside the box so that they do not move around. Die cut foam is another great choice, as it holds items firmly in place during shipping or presentation.

XLPE foam

XLPE foam is a smooth plastic material that has excellent shock-absorption properties. It can be inserted in custom boxes for a variety of applications, from buffer protections to corners. It also offers a high-end look and is available in anti-static formulations. It's also suitable for packaging delicate products, especially in medical applications.

XLPE foam is a closed-cell polyethylene foam that can be made in various thicknesses and dimensions. It can accommodate different tooling and can withstand any type of impact. The material is lightweight and shatterproof. Foam factory cutting machines can accommodate different shapes and contours, including finger slots. They can also cut multiple identical forms and can even be custom designed for tool storage cabinets and work stations.

In order to get the best results, it is crucial to work with a packaging partner that has extensive knowledge of the various types of foams and their performance properties. They can also help you decide the best density, amount, and type for your product.

Polyurethane foam

Custom Boxes with Foam Inserts with polyurethane foam insert are a great way to protect delicate products. These foam sheets are available in various colors and can provide excellent cushioning. They also help absorb vibrations and prevent mildew. This foam is lightweight and easy to fabricate. Whether you're packaging a book or a CD, this material will provide excellent support.

In addition to providing protection to products, custom boxes with foam inserts also look sleek and professional. They are lightweight and easy to handle, which is important for shipping. They also offer a unique unboxing experience. There are a wide variety of foams available, including polyurethane and ethylene vinyl acetate.

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Custom foam products are highly protective and economical, as they provide insulation from extreme temperatures and shock absorption. The custom foam inserts can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are often designed to fit specific cavities. They can also be made from a wide range of materials, including polyethylene.

Egg Crate foam

If you are looking for a Custom Boxes with Foam Inserts way to make custom boxes, you should consider using foam inserts made from Egg Crates. You can choose from different types of foam to suit your needs. You can choose between thick and thin foam, as well as firm or soft.

Egg Crate foam is a polyurethane product that is designed to cushion merchandise during shipping. It comes in two-by-four-foot sizes and is 2 inches thick. It is impact-resistant, recyclable, and non-flammable. Its high level of durability makes it a popular choice for packaging delicate electronics and fragile materials. It also provides excellent protection from abrasion.

Egg Crate foam inserts are also a low-cost option. Convoluted foam sheets have a soft surface that can prevent surface scratches and scuffs. Using different grades of foam inserts in custom boxes gives you the flexibility to customize the cushioning protection. You can even adjust the thickness and profile of the insert to achieve the exact levels of protection you need.